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I chose to do a blog on my daily encounters because on facebook I've been getting a lot of feedback on my status posts due to them being funny. So, sit back, relax and getting ready to laugh. Feel free to leave comments. Please note that you can share this page with your friends through your social networks (facebook & twitter) so bring them along. Thanks. =]

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I posted this on facebook based on the replies that I received from a status post. Just to clue you in this is what my status message said:

***SEXY ISN'T A LOOK*** It's not sumthin you have to try to be. It's not small clothes, weave, make up, cleavage, body, shoes, none of that! This is what we've been taught. TRUE SEXY is the person! True Sexy is the Virtuous Woman! TRUE SEXY makes a man's HEART jump not his you know what!! Sexy comes natural. It's not something that's taught!

**Now here is the poem that I wrote:

How can I bring something back that never left my possession?
Got that appeal that can't be granted
but one that I graced this earth with since day one.
Got that stride as though no one can come close to comparison
& all eyes are on me.
Got that confidence not to be mistaken for cockiness
stating that I am secure with myself
& I can't be intimidated.
Can't bring it back because it's always been in my grasp.
It's in my smile
It's in my laugh
it's in the way that I bite the corner of my lip
It's in the way that I take a sip out my wine glass
It's in the way that I push the hair back behind my ear.
The way that I lean my head to the side without realizing.
It's in the way that I can please my significant other
Time after time and still leave him wanting more
Keeping him from having to find it elsewhere
Being able to light up the room without having to utter a single syllable.
It's in the way that I carry myself
Nothing arrogant about me though
Down to earth
Loves to laugh
& just being able to live.
It's in the titles that I withold.
It's in the curves that hug my anatomy
It's in the knowledge & wisdom that I speak
Now that's Sexy!
That's just me!
Me is all I can be,