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I chose to do a blog on my daily encounters because on facebook I've been getting a lot of feedback on my status posts due to them being funny. So, sit back, relax and getting ready to laugh. Feel free to leave comments. Please note that you can share this page with your friends through your social networks (facebook & twitter) so bring them along. Thanks. =]

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day #1 (Training)

Ok, so I had personal training & I made the HUGE MISTAKE of telling my trainer that I was cleansing!!! (Ugh! I should have known better!) So I'm on the treadmill & I get dizzy so he takes me off the treadmill & on to the stationary bike (which I HATE by the way). Ok, granted, that was ok. After the warm up I was ready to get it in with the ab work incorporated with weights, We tried doing one exercise where I was standing up, having to pull my hands down & bring my leg up all while pulling weights to crunch the obliques. I did do a few of those, but (again) as I got light-headed he took me off that machine & we exercised strictly without weights & on the floor mat. I was SO UPSET!! I told him that I was ok, but it didn't matter!! Ugh!!! When it was all said & done we exercised for all of 20 minutes & he told me to go home. I mean I understand the whole looking out for me aspect, but I know my body well enough to know that I could have sustained the full session. Ugh! I went home & finished out the night gracefully. I will admit that it was hard cooking dinner for my son last night & not eating ANY. I just had to live through the aroma of the chicken breast, okra & chicken & broccoli rice. So I took my Master Clease drink, grabbed my water & that was that. After day #1 I will say that all went well. I feel good & i'm confident that I will continue to do well. It's time to turn in & I am about to be out like Homer Simpson! Goodnight bloggers!!

BEFORE I SIGN OFF: Here is my quote for the night  - "Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice."

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day One at 3:15 PM

So, it's 3:15PM & I must say that all is still well. I am not craving food (yet) & I am on my second bottle of the cleanse that I made when I went home on my lunch break. I've been drinking plenty of water & thus far nothing is happening beyond a nunber 1. I think that if I did the flush then more would have happened by now, but I can wait. LOLOL!!!

The only thing that I REALLY HATE about this cleanse is that it makes your breath really TART! Ugh!! I mean can I have some sugarless gum or SOMETHING~! Got me talking to people at a further distance so I don't make them faint. LOL! It's the WORSE!!!

Anyway, that's just my afternoon update. All is still good & pressing on. Ttyl bloggers!

Master Cleanse - Day #1


Good Morning Bloggers!!

It's Maria & I must say that I am glad to be back. I chose to start posting blogs again to keep those (who keep up with me) updated about my day-to-day experience on The Master Cleanse Diet. It's Monday October 24, 2011 & 9:00AM & I am so ready to start! I have everything that I need: my lemonade drink, water & Smooth Move tea. Now, I don't do the salt water flush, but I still get results! The reason why I choose not to do the flush is because I just can't stand it! Been there! Tried that! Can't take that! Moved on! This is my seond time really doing this diet & the first time I did lose 15lbs in 10 days. Needless to say it still works without it.

By it being my first day & by it being so early I don't have much to post yet. I will say that I have been drinking my mixture & I can feel it starting to take effect. I will post throughout the day if needed, but for now it's time to start my journey......

Here are my stats:

Chest - 37
Waist - 32
Hips - 39
Arms - 10.5
Calfs - 14

Starting Weight: 152lbs <--Ugh! & it's all in my STOMACH!!!! Gotta get these toxins OUT!! Let's GOOOOO!!!!