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I chose to do a blog on my daily encounters because on facebook I've been getting a lot of feedback on my status posts due to them being funny. So, sit back, relax and getting ready to laugh. Feel free to leave comments. Please note that you can share this page with your friends through your social networks (facebook & twitter) so bring them along. Thanks. =]

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Something About Him

***Another poem this time:***

What is it about this man

that has me this way?

I want to learn him inside and out

because all this daydreaming,


& fantasizing is no longer going to do.

What is it about this man

that's so intrigueing

& enticing to my existence that

everytime I see him my heart skips a beat?

His kisses leave me wanting more.

His scent lingers on my skin

like the white on rice

causing me to go crazy!!

His touch caresses me

& makes me melt

makes me want to just freeze frame in time

& never let him go.

What is it about this man

that makes me feel sexy?

Makes me feel like

while in each other's presence

I'm the only one that matters to him?

But the reality reassures me

as we go our separate ways

that we are not obligated to each other.

I don't know what it is about this man

that has me feeling the way I do.

Is it stimulating conversations that we have

& making us realize that we have some things in common?

Is it the fact that

from the first time I saw him

I could see what others (possibly) failed to see?

The potential of what could be

if only he had that extra push and encouragement?

I don't know what it is about this man

but he's got me wanting him!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I posted this on facebook based on the replies that I received from a status post. Just to clue you in this is what my status message said:

***SEXY ISN'T A LOOK*** It's not sumthin you have to try to be. It's not small clothes, weave, make up, cleavage, body, shoes, none of that! This is what we've been taught. TRUE SEXY is the person! True Sexy is the Virtuous Woman! TRUE SEXY makes a man's HEART jump not his you know what!! Sexy comes natural. It's not something that's taught!

**Now here is the poem that I wrote:

How can I bring something back that never left my possession?
Got that appeal that can't be granted
but one that I graced this earth with since day one.
Got that stride as though no one can come close to comparison
& all eyes are on me.
Got that confidence not to be mistaken for cockiness
stating that I am secure with myself
& I can't be intimidated.
Can't bring it back because it's always been in my grasp.
It's in my smile
It's in my laugh
it's in the way that I bite the corner of my lip
It's in the way that I take a sip out my wine glass
It's in the way that I push the hair back behind my ear.
The way that I lean my head to the side without realizing.
It's in the way that I can please my significant other
Time after time and still leave him wanting more
Keeping him from having to find it elsewhere
Being able to light up the room without having to utter a single syllable.
It's in the way that I carry myself
Nothing arrogant about me though
Down to earth
Loves to laugh
& just being able to live.
It's in the titles that I withold.
It's in the curves that hug my anatomy
It's in the knowledge & wisdom that I speak
Now that's Sexy!
That's just me!
Me is all I can be,

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My WTH Moment. . . .

Good evening everybody. How you guys doing? How was your day? Me? My day was going great and of course I have a little something you might find funny. Here goes:

So, I'm on my lunch break walking to my car from the CVS Pharmacy and I accidentally drop my keys. I hurry up do a quick drop down & pick them up so I can continue about my business. All of a sudden I hear, "Umph! The way you picked up those keys tells me what I need to know about you." As I look up and say a faint, "WTH!" & kept it moving. After that Iim thinking that all is good and dude is gone. WRONG! I turn around & this dude just stands there while I walk away. So I just look away, smirk, shake my head and get in my car. I'm thinking to myself 'dude please continue where you were going because I do not have the time!'

As I reflect back on that guys are funny for real!! LOL!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All I Need is 10 Minutes Man!!! LOL!

Good afternoon everybody. Here I am again with another post for my daily encounter.

Here it goes: MAN! I'm sitting here at my desk with my eyes closed trying to get at least 10 minutes of shut-eye & all of a sudden I here, "Excuse me ma'am." As I open my eyes I see this student who is just standing there and he already looks annoying so I KNOW he is about to annoy me some more!! While he is explaining what it is that he wanted I'm sitting there thinking to myself, "DUDE! Don't you see me trying to get some REST! What do you WANT!!!! Geeez!" Then come to find out the question he asked was already answered earlier this week by ME! Man I woke up for THIS!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm Curious to Know. . .

Please note that this post isn't meant to offend anybody. It's just a question.

Why is it that the males who are gay or have strong female tendencies switch harder than females when they walk? I had a student come to my office today and it's no surprise that he is gay because he makes it known. As he is walks pass my office he is walking harder than I do and sticking his butt out as he walks. I just never understood why they try so hard? Can someone please explain that to me because I'm baffled?? Again, I'm sorry if this offended anybody, but that was not my intention.


Good evening people. Hope that you guys had a good and productive day today. Lord knows that I have, but I have a post for you today. Really I have two, but one at a time.

Ok, as I'm coming back fro my break I'm getting out my car and I start to walk down the parking lot to the building (mind you students are out and about on campus at this point). All of a sudden I'm feeling a HUGE draft in the bossom area. I look down and my shirt is UNBUTTONED!!!! I don't mean only 2 buttons I'm talking about 3-4!!! OMG!!! Here I am thinking that all is good as I'm walking back to my office and all my goodies are exposed. Then again I wonder if anybody saw me and just didnt't say anything? ROFL!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Even in the Office Yet . . .

Good morning you guys. I must say that I never expect to have a post everyday nonetheless this early in the morning, but I do.
As I'm walking to my office I notice a student just minding his business walking in to the building and whatnot. You know it's supposed to be a nice day out and he's wearing his shorts & that's understandable. As I look down, I had to rub my eyes and readjust a little bit. What did I see you ask? Calves that were laced in ashiness!!! LOL!!! I'm like dude, I know it's early and everything, but if you're going to be exposing your legs like that PLEASE put some lotion on! I mean I love my chocolate brother's, but please don't just wake up and not put a little more effort in your appearance. It's getting colder outside people and we must invest in products that are going to keep us up to par.
*Today's lesson is to remember: Lotion is your friend!! HAVE A GREAT DAY PEOPLE!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lady What Is Wrong With You?! Smh!

Ok, so I'm out with my son having a nice time while buying him some much needed school clothes at Burlington Coat Factory. All is good until we get to the check-out counter. I asked a lady (a fellow shopper) if the register was open and she tells me that the other register in the next aisle is open. Ok, no problem right? As I say thank you and turn around to go to the next aisle over I see that some other people already got there so I stay behind the woman. Now, when she see's that I'm still behind her she says, "I said the that register is open. You can go over there. She will take you." Mind you while she's saying that to me she is getting loud with some other people (I guess the people she came with) because she's telling them, "Ok, I'm irritated just go to the car and I'll be there in 5 minutes. I know what the car looks like!" Mind you these are older people and they say NOTHING!!!

Anyway, because she is taking entirely too long another cashier tells me that I can come over to her. Ok, whatever, I go to her and it's no problem. While she is ringing up my clothes that same RUDE lady is still fussing (being loud and ignorant) at her cashier then turns to me and says, "& I told you to go to the car. . . " I looked at her (if you know my faces I had that raised eyebrow look) and I said, "Excuse me? Lady what is wrong with you? You have the wrong one." (I'm thinking to myself lady do you need to reload on your medication? I think it's wearing off.) Because she's being ignorant she just stands there with a stupid look on her face says, "Whatever," and goes back to her register still fussing. My thing is this: Lady, just because you're in a pissy and irritating mood doesn't give you the right to act ignorant and stupid towards people who #1 - don't know you & #2 - didn't do anything to you.

I just hate when people gotta cause a scene just because. . . . Ugh!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The 'Crooner'

In today's episode of, 'Life of Maria' - Once again I'm sitting in my office minding my business with my Maxwell's Bad Habits playing. Here come the mail guys. As I am signing the clipboard all of a sudden I hear one of them singing with the song. Once I'm done with my signature I look up find this fool staring me dead in my face singing right along with Maxwell. & see the funny part is that his face is so serious like he doing something! He can't croon!! Like he trying to serenade. LOL!! TOO FUNNY!


Posted on November 5, 2009:

I'm driving home from a night out with the ladies at the Cheesecake Factory and I see a car with its lights flashing on the shoulder. Automatically I look as I drive pass and there he is: There is a man standing right in from of his headlights using the bathroom. Dude! Go a little more in the woods or something! No one wants to see that. YUCK

Off Topic: I'm Losing Weight!! I'm So Happy!!!

Posted on November 5, 2009:

It's GREAT that my clothes are getting big on me because that means that I'm losing weight. So, now that means that I need to go shopping. What an accomplishment. Yaaaay ME!! LOL!

How I Stay SANE at Work!!

Posted on November 4, 2009:

In my office I ALWAYS have music playing whether it be smooth r&b, neo-soul, slow jams or jazz, my tabletop water fountain going & my candle scenting up on my candle warmer to keep it smelling good. One of my co-workers comes in & says,'Girl, coming into your office makes me forget where I am. Got that sexy music playing & got it smelling all good up in here." Then he smiles, winks & walks away. Alrighty then. That's how I stay sane, but yeah that was kind of creepy. The look in his eyes was like he was undressing me from the waist up (I was sitting behind my desk and he could only see me from the waist up. . . LOL!)

Facebook Scavenger

Posted on November 4, 2009:

Ok, so I'm sitting in my office & a student walks pass, I say, "May I help you?" He goes halfway down the hallway, turns back around, comes in my office up to my desk, smacking his gum just to say, "Nah, I'm good." So I just start to laugh and say, "Well you all up in here chomping, can I have a piece of gum dude?" Smh! Then asks what my name is so he can find my on facebook. . .LOL!

Find Another Strategy. . .

Posted on November 3, 2009:

So I'm at the gym & my trainer who I haven't seen in a minute tells me that I need to come back to him. Then he goes to say that's all in his strategy to get me to come to him to train. I told him that my confidence level was down by 3. Ugh!! ♥ my trainer though!! LOL!!

"As If"

Posted on November 3, 2009:

Ok, so I'm in my office & the mail people come to give me the mail & I have to sign for it & whatnot. So I have to get up to walk into another room & one of then says, "Man, you look like you're ready for me to take you out on a date after work. Umph!" I gave this expression as to say, "Dude would you LOOK at YOURSELF & then look at... ME!" Ugh!! This is why I don't wear skirts to work! I mean I have nothing against a man who has an occupation as a mailman because I think that every job is important, but my thing is fix the appearance and take care of yourself. Have a sense of pride in how you look. Smh!

*Please note the the picture in this post is just a prop picture. This is not the actually person who I was referring to*

"Contractions" LOL!!

Posted on November 2, 2009:

Ok, I'm texting with a friend & he tells me that he's having "contractions" in his butt & they are so bad that every time they come he literally freezes due to the pain. So he's walking across the street and the pain comes so he's paralyzed in the street until the pain surpasses <---- almost lost his life. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*This is one of my favorites*

Mirror House

Posted on November 2, 2009:

Do you ever look in the mirror and just have that feeling that your head is just too big for your body? Like you're standing in one of those goofy mirror house mirrors? That's how I'm feeling right now. Maybe my mirror is magnified & distorted.

Elevator Encounter

This one was posted on facebook on October 30, 2009:

Ok, so I'm coming back in from my lunch break & I'm on the elevator reading a flyer that is posted. My back is turned toward the door and as I'm reading I'm wondering why the elevator isn't going up. So I turn around & there he is a student being SQUISHED by the elevator door trying to open it back up. I'm standing there laughing & said, 'Why the heck you ain't say SOMETHING instead of being SQUISHED!?' Man, I just laughed the whole way up. Although he looked very embarrassed I just couldn't help myself. Finally when we got to the designated floor he got off and tried to walk away very quickly. LOL!!

Another one posted on October 29, 2009:

Ok, one more: Again in the grocery store about to turn down the bread aisle. Out of nowhere here comes an older guy flying around the corner just to go get some vegetables. So I put my hands up as to say, "You got it dude go head, but where's the fire?! WHERE'S THE FIRE DUDE?!?!" I mean he ain't say excuse me or nothing. Just RUDE! LOL!

Interrupted Conversation

This was posted on facebook on October 29, 2009:

Ok, so I'm in the grocery store shopping & there is a guy who hears me having a convo with my little one. He cuts me off just to get up in my face to just stare & say, "You are really a true definition of beautiful." I'm smiling on the outside while I say thank you, but in the inside I'm saying, "Dude, you interrupted my conversation for that? Stop blowing smoke." Although he does speak truth, but still . . LOL!

Something Smells Fishy

This was posted on facebook on October 29, 2009:

Ok, I hate when people come in my office smelling some kind of way and then when they leave the smell is still ingering in my office. Therefore, that causes me to have to either turn up the level on my air freshener plug-in or spray something to make the smell go away. Then that brings another problem ----> the smell of sweet funk!! Come on people! You guys are in college now hygiene should be a priority.