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Monday, November 9, 2009

Not Even in the Office Yet . . .

Good morning you guys. I must say that I never expect to have a post everyday nonetheless this early in the morning, but I do.
As I'm walking to my office I notice a student just minding his business walking in to the building and whatnot. You know it's supposed to be a nice day out and he's wearing his shorts & that's understandable. As I look down, I had to rub my eyes and readjust a little bit. What did I see you ask? Calves that were laced in ashiness!!! LOL!!! I'm like dude, I know it's early and everything, but if you're going to be exposing your legs like that PLEASE put some lotion on! I mean I love my chocolate brother's, but please don't just wake up and not put a little more effort in your appearance. It's getting colder outside people and we must invest in products that are going to keep us up to par.
*Today's lesson is to remember: Lotion is your friend!! HAVE A GREAT DAY PEOPLE!


  1. I rebuke the demonic spirit of ashiness in the name of JE-SUSSSSSSSSS! LOL!

  2. LOL! Kenny I can't stand to see ashiness! Look like they ain't got no home!! LOL!!! I mean it's not hard just LOTION UP MAN!

  3. LOTION UP! That sounds like some form of superpower! LOL!