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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Orange Juice Anyone. . . .?

Good evening my good followers. First off let me apologize for not posting anything lately although I've had some funny moments. Today's story post however, is coming from another trip at the grocery store. Here goes:

Ok, so this time I'm at Giant (grocery store) with my son and I walk all the way down to where they have the orange juice and whatnot. So without thinking I leave and go to the opposite side of the store just to come to the realization that I forgot to get the orange juice. So I'm talking to my son and I say,"Man! I forgot to get the orange juice and I don't feel like walking back down there to get it." So one of the guys who works there overhears my conversation & says, "What are you looking for? Orange juice with no pulp?" I in turn reply and tell him yeah, but I'm not walking back down there.

So obviously the next thing that happens is that he offers to get the juice for me. Ok, granted he gets it. When he comes back this fools asks what is my favorite restaurant? I'm thinking to myself here we go again and I say, "Excuse me?" He gets close to my face (bad breath and all causing me to have to hold my breath while he talks) and says, "I want to take you to your favorite restaurant and go have some fun." WTH?! Inspite of what I wanted to say I try to be nice you guys and simply say,"Um, no thank you. I'm good" and walk away. My thingis this if you want to do something then do it out of the kindess of your heart not because you're trying to get something out of it. Ugh!! Plus to top it off he broughtme the wrong type of orange juice. So I had to end up walking back down there anyway to get the right brand. See, too busy trying to get all up in it ain't even bring the right thing back. Ugh!!!