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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lady What Is Wrong With You?! Smh!

Ok, so I'm out with my son having a nice time while buying him some much needed school clothes at Burlington Coat Factory. All is good until we get to the check-out counter. I asked a lady (a fellow shopper) if the register was open and she tells me that the other register in the next aisle is open. Ok, no problem right? As I say thank you and turn around to go to the next aisle over I see that some other people already got there so I stay behind the woman. Now, when she see's that I'm still behind her she says, "I said the that register is open. You can go over there. She will take you." Mind you while she's saying that to me she is getting loud with some other people (I guess the people she came with) because she's telling them, "Ok, I'm irritated just go to the car and I'll be there in 5 minutes. I know what the car looks like!" Mind you these are older people and they say NOTHING!!!

Anyway, because she is taking entirely too long another cashier tells me that I can come over to her. Ok, whatever, I go to her and it's no problem. While she is ringing up my clothes that same RUDE lady is still fussing (being loud and ignorant) at her cashier then turns to me and says, "& I told you to go to the car. . . " I looked at her (if you know my faces I had that raised eyebrow look) and I said, "Excuse me? Lady what is wrong with you? You have the wrong one." (I'm thinking to myself lady do you need to reload on your medication? I think it's wearing off.) Because she's being ignorant she just stands there with a stupid look on her face says, "Whatever," and goes back to her register still fussing. My thing is this: Lady, just because you're in a pissy and irritating mood doesn't give you the right to act ignorant and stupid towards people who #1 - don't know you & #2 - didn't do anything to you.

I just hate when people gotta cause a scene just because. . . . Ugh!!

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