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Monday, October 24, 2011

Day One at 3:15 PM

So, it's 3:15PM & I must say that all is still well. I am not craving food (yet) & I am on my second bottle of the cleanse that I made when I went home on my lunch break. I've been drinking plenty of water & thus far nothing is happening beyond a nunber 1. I think that if I did the flush then more would have happened by now, but I can wait. LOLOL!!!

The only thing that I REALLY HATE about this cleanse is that it makes your breath really TART! Ugh!! I mean can I have some sugarless gum or SOMETHING~! Got me talking to people at a further distance so I don't make them faint. LOL! It's the WORSE!!!

Anyway, that's just my afternoon update. All is still good & pressing on. Ttyl bloggers!

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